CD manufacturing

There are two methods of CD Manufacturing. For smaller quantities and fast turnarounds, CDs are duplicated using blank CDR disks.

Duplicated CDRs are burned or duplicated individually in CD-writers. This can be a single CD writer in a PC or laptop, or can be an industrial “tower” of up to 16 CD writers where the CDs are duplicated in bulk. A Master disk is copied repeatedly to blank CDRs  (a process which can damage the Master Disk unless the content is transferred to a hard drive from which the duplicated CDs are burned ). Duplicated CDRs are usually ink-jet printed for speed and cost reasons, but can be litho-printed or screen-printed if the appropriate disks are used. Duplicated CDRs are not as reliable or compatible as replicated CDs.

For CD duplication, All Write Media use top quality tower burners with hard drive transfer, industrial standard inkjet printers, and – most important – top quality blank CDRs to ensure maximum reliability and compatibility.

Replicated CDs are ideal for large volume production. The content of the Master Disk is transferred to a glass master from which a stamper is grown; this stamper is placed in an injection moulding machine where it is introduced to molten plastic; when the plastic is rapidly cooled is takes the shape of the finished CD. An alumium coating is applied and the CD is ready for printing. Litho-printing and screen-printing are the two standard process used for CD onbody printing.

All Write Media use CD replication for all large-volume orders, with superb quality litho-printing.Discs

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