About All Write Media - A Little Background

We provide our customers with top quality media such as CDs, DVDs and other optical media; we combine good, old-fashioned service with contemporary excellence to deliver a superb customer experience at a competitive price. We guarantee total customer satisfaction.

All Write Media is an Irish company, established by Paul Waldron and Neville Wright. We bring almost sixty years of combined experience and knowledge to All Write Media, from every aspect of the media industry, and our total commitment to quality and customer care is well known.

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Paul Waldron


Paul began his career in media as a Sound Engineer in 1971 with Trend Studios, one of Ireland's leading recording studios. Over a long career in recording and mastering, and then manufacturing of cassettes, CDs and DVDs, he held various senior managerial positions (Technical Director, Facilities Director, General Manager and Sales & Services Director).

Our customers benefit from this unique combination of wide experience, technical knowledge and customer awareness.

Paul achieved an ACCA qualification in Financial Management in 2007, and with Neville Wright, established All Write Media in January 2008.

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I started my working life in Trend Studios in 1971. Having mastered the art of tea and coffee making, I progressed to the recording studio, where I was not long in mastering the art of sound engineering. Gaining a reputation for pushing the available equipment beyond its capabilities and striving to exceed the expectations of any client recording with me, I soon found myself in great demand from producers, bands and artists from all corners of Ireland; I hugely enjoyed recording music of all genres, from folk groups to rock bands and everything in between (such as Status Quo, Brush Shiels, Noel Kelehan, Bill Whelan, Shaun Davey, Peadar O'Riada, Sean O'Se, The Dubliners, Dublin City Ramblers, Paddy Reilly, The Fureys & Davy Arthur, The Radiators, Billy Brown & The Freshmen, Horslips, Loudest Whisper and many more. I never recorded Thin Lizzy, they were before my time).

That's me at the desk in Lad Lane (off Baggot Street) sometime in the late 70s. PaulWaldron1977 I was promoted to the position of Technical Director and the person responsible for advancing Trend Studios into Audio Cassette Duplication, Video Duplication and setting up the first Irish owned CD manufacturing plant.

Next step was the position of General Manager and the task of moving the entire operation from Dublin's City Quay to a new premises in Park West. A daunting task for any Project Manager, but an exciting challenge for me...that's what I told myself anyway! 

When Trend Studios re-branded to Trend Digital Media and went through some "restructuring" in 2006, I was appointed as Sales and Services Director, a position I held until I left  the company in November 2007.


Neville Wright

Neville started working in the video industry back in 1986 with the accounts department of PVL. His commitment to customer care was rapidly recognised and he became part of the sales team with total responsibility for professional video. He continued his sales career with BelVision, focussing on the professional broadcast, video production and post-production sectors. The early 90s saw him become Manager - Media Products with Eurotek from where he was head-hunted by Advanced Video Duplication, the VHS branch of the Trend Studios Group, where he held the post of General Manager. As the VHS industry went into decline, Neville became Senior Account Manager responsible for all media formats and services available from Trend Studios, until he left  the company in December 2007.

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Neville started working in the video industry back in 1986. His first position was in the accounts department in the now legendary PVL. Tea and coffee making was not part of his job description, but having a natural aptitude for it, his skills soon were in high demand and PVL’s sales team lured him into their folds as their sales support. It was here that Neville discovered an interest in media. Betacam SP had just been launched and this was the start of the video boom of the late 80’s. Taking over the sales of all media formats, Neville soon moved to Bel Vision where he spent the next few years carving a name for himself within the professional broadcast, video production and post-production industry. Bel Vision is where he learnt the secret of success. GOFS… Good Old Fashioned Service!

The early 90’s saw Neville move to Eurotek. Here he held the title of Manager - Media Products. Supplying not only most of the video industry with media products, Neville also made huge inroads with the professional audio studios selling everything from audio cassettes to 2” tape for multi track recording. This is where Neville and Paul’s paths crossed for the first time.

Soon after becoming a preferred supplier of Trend - having sourced some products which were allegedly "discontinued" - Neville was headhunted in 1996 by Trend Studios to head up it's new video duplication arm, Advanced Video Duplication Ltd. As General Manager of AVD, he increased sales dramatically by advocating continuous quality improvements and excellent customer care. AVD rapidly became the largest video duplicator in Ireland until the decline of VHS in the marketplace.

In 2004 Trend Studios installed a DVD Authoring Suite to ensure a smooth transition from the old VHS technology to the new DVD formats, and Neville continued to offer the service and products required by customers. As Senior Account Manager, specialising in special projects, Neville dealt with most of Trend's major customers providing advice and support in CD and DVD manufacturing and packaging decisions. Neville left Trend Studios in December, 2007.